Mercer Engineering Scholars

Track Design

The Engineering Scholars Track is a part of Mercer’s University Honors Program which seeks to enrich the learning environment for both students and faculty members. By doing so, it promotes new and higher levels of excellence in student research and creative accomplishments. It particularly works to foster a sense of academic community among faculty members and students of outstanding ability through cultural events, sponsored activities, and interdisciplinary interactions. The Engineering Scholars Track provides exceptional students a program of study that presents challenges beyond the normal requirements for an undergraduate degree in the School of Engineering. The goals of the Engineering Scholars Track are to: (1) provide a common experience that challenges the students and faculty members both technically and non-technically and (2) provide project experiences that demonstrate knowledge and skills that exceed normal undergraduate requirements. Exceptional students are admitted to the Engineering Honors Track as freshman and rising sophomores by both invitation and application. This track is open only to students in the School of Engineering.

Mercer Engineering Scholars Track Director

Dr. Phillip McCreanor, Associate Professor of Environmenal Engineering

Course Requirements

  • EGR 201 - Sophomore Engineering Honors I (1 hour)
  • EGR 202 - Sophomore Engineering Honors II (1 hour)
  • EGR 301 - Junior Engineering Honors I (1 hour)
  • EGR 302 - Junior Engineering Honors II (1 hour)
  • EGR 401 - Senior Engineering Honors I (1 hour)
  • EGR 402 - Senior Engineering Honors II (1 hour)
  • NOTE: Students that join the Engineering Scholars Track as an incoming Freshman are also required to complete EGR 101 (Freshman Engineering Honors I, 1 hour) and EGR 102 (Freshman Engineering Honors II, 1 hour).
  • Culminating Engineering Project—Students will work individually or in teams to conduct an extensive engineering project and produce an academic product (poster, podium presentation, article, etc.). The size and nature of the project will be developed in consultation with faculty research mentor(s) and the Director of the Engineering Scholars Track.
  • Attend at least two University Honors Program Events & Reflections, or designated MUSE events (e.g., research presentations, technology training events, guest lectures) per year.
  • Present work as a podium and/or poster presentation at the Engineering Exposition.

GPA Requirement

Students in the Engineering Scholars Track are required to maintain a minimum 3.3 cumulative GPA throughout their undergraduate career at Mercer and at graduation. Students who fall below 3.3 at any point in their undergraduate career may be allowed to continue in the Engineering Honors Program for a limited period on a probationary basis at the discretion of the Director of the Engineering Scholars Program.