Mercer Business Scholars

Track Design

The Business Scholars track is designed for students who wish to pursue an enriched study in business. This track includes a combination of experiential and service learning with either international business exposure or undergraduate research. In general, Business Scholars students have the opportunity for greater interaction with faculty and business leaders through internships and business engagement. This track is open to all students pursuing a Bachelors of Business Administration degree or a minor offered by the Stetson School of Business and Economics.

Mercer Business Scholars Track Director

Dr. Steven McClung, Associate Dean of the Stetson School of Business and Economics

Course Requirements

  • HON 110-115—University Honors Program Seminars (2 hours)—First Year
  • HON 210—The Global Context (1 hour)— Second Year
  • HON 215—Solving Problems Across Cultures (2 hours)-- Second Year, OR
  • BUS 102--Mediation Skills for Student Leaders (2 hours) AND BUS 301—Finding Your Vocation-- Second Year, Spring with Summer Experience: Study Abroad
  • NOTE: The Summer Experience: Study Abroad may be a Mercer on Mission, Business Studies Abroad, or Semester Exchange Program (hours vary)
  • HON 305—Honors Preceptorship (1 hour)—Junior Year, OR
  • HON 325—Seminar in Global Issues (2 hours)—Third Year AND BUS 478 – Business Research (1 hour) with Summer Experience: BUS 305 – Business Internship (3 hours)
  • Attend at least two University Honors Program Events & Reflections, or designated SSBE events (e.g., Executive Forum, Economics Speakers series) per year.
  • Present work in the Junior and Senior poster exhibit (c.f. Bear Day).
  • Participate in at least two (2) service-learning intensive courses (coded "V").
  • Senior Honors Culminating Project—Students will define, develop and complete a research or service project in their academic major. The size and nature of the project will be commensurate with the student’s academic major and determined in consultation with the student’s faculty research mentor and the director of the Business Scholars track. Students may choose to register for HON 405 to earn three hours of credit per course as they work on their Senior Project.

GPA Requirement

Students are required to maintain a minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA throughout their undergraduate career at Mercer and at graduation. Students who fall below 3.5 at any point in their undergraduate career will be subject to suspension and/or removal from the program. Such cases will be handled on an individual basis in consultation with the track director.